The Importance of a Clean Job Site


“Welcome to Nashville”! These were the first words out of Bill’s mouth as the couple from Denver stepped out of their vehicle onto fresh Tennessee dirt. This was their first visit to Music City since 1981 when they toured the Grand Ole Opry. After a successful career as a lawyer it was finally time to retire and Nashville checked every box on their wishlist. They set aside this particular weekend to find the perfect home to accommodate the retired lifestyle. The plan was to tour 5 new construction homes and make an offer by the end of the day. Luckily for Bill their first stop was a home his construction group has been working on for the last few months. Drywall was in and the exterior was painted just the day before. Bill was confident that once they got inside the house the layout and attention to detail would keep this home at the top of their list. As they approached the house, Bill started noticing trash strewn around the lot and paint cans tipped over in the garage. He turned the knob to open the front door and could only hope that the inside was clean and reflected the quality of work that he has promised.


As Nashville continues to grow and the real estate market thrives, this scenario has become very common. Prospective buyers are walking construction sites in an effort to make an offer before the home officially hits the market. Some of these buyers have never been on an active construction site before so they don’t really know what to expect. We can tell them that the lot is usually pretty muddy. They can expect to see nails, sawdust and boxes full of supplies in every corner of the home. However, one thing that can’t be explained and is usually the first thing someone will notice is garbage that’s not in the trash can. A clean job site, inside and out, leaves the correct first impression on a potential buyer and could secure an offer.