What is an Historical Overlay District?

The majority of the homes we restore in Nashville fall in neighborhoods that are zoned as Historical Overlay Districts. These districts are a form of local zoning regulations passed by the city council or county commission. The goal of such zoning is to preserve the historical characteristics and atmosphere of an entire neighborhood. At Britt Development Group we not only understand these regulations but we have a deep appreciation for maintaining the historical charm within each home.

Nashville’s Metro Historic Zoning Commission (MHZC) was established in 1977 to protect Nashville’s historic architecture while managing new construction and demolition. The Edgefield Neighborhood was the first to be designated as an historical zoning district. Other neighborhoods such as 12 South and Hillsboro-West End soon followed. At Britt Development Group we are grateful to be able to build in these neighborhoods and preserve and expand upon such beautiful architecture. As Nashville continues to grow the MHZC will make sure that our historical neighborhoods stay intact for future generations.

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